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I just wish it won't be as much of a disappointment as Bitten... But with Ronald D. Moore on the job, that shouldn't be the case.


Feb. 13th, 2014 08:15 am
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The first two episodes of Caper are here! And they're good. If you don't know what I'm talking about, the trailer:

And if you want to see the episodes (and you should) :

I love Geek & Sundry.
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 Je vous préviens de suite, ce post n'a qu'un seul but, me défouler. Et franchement, le sujet en lui-même m'énerve mais si je n'étais pas stressée et tendue comme un string en ce moment je serais plus calme.
Je n'ai absolument pas regardé le plafond pendant une heure hier après être rentrée à minuit (le plus tôt depuis le début de la semaine)... et  je me suis pas réveillée en sursaut à 4h30 non plus... (au moins, j'ai pu finir l'excellent The Midnight Mayor de Kate Griffin comme ça - ça n'aurait pas été complètement stérile)

Les histoires publiées en série ça me gave. 
Hier, j'ai vu que le prochain Meljean Brook, The Kraken King, allait sortir en 8 parties. Read more... )
Voilà voilàààà.
Rien à voir mais Arrow était terrible. Cette série est juste magique. Pour une série qui tourne autour d'un mec les personnages féminins sont tous à se rouler par terre. Felicity est toujours parfaite. Sara et Nyssa. OMG. I died. Et Moira, ne pas oublier la HBIC. Tralalalalala ! Arrow est génial, cette semaine peut-être encore plus que d'habitude...


Jan. 3rd, 2013 06:50 pm
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I can't wait for Southland to come back.
And Suits . And Justified. And Once Upon A Time
I think I'm going to have to cut on the procedural shows so I can have time for those. I'll do marathon in the summer... 


I've read the results of the Locus' polls about the best SF & Fantasy novels of the 20th and 21st centuries and I can't help but think Game of Thrones would never ever have been that high on the list if not for the tv show. It would have been on the list, but not in second position. No way.


A funny thing. Fred is a woman I know from the city council. She is a very good friend of a cousin of my father.
After his death, and the death of his mom in the following weeks, it was hard to stay in contact with that part of my family. My mom wasn't exactly close to them, some lived on the other side of the Atlantic, we didn't stay much in contact. I tried a few years ago to reach my cousins when they came here to study but we didn't have much to say to each other. 
Well, thanks to Fred and Facebook and I'm talking with a family member I didn't know. She lives in Africa so I probably won't meet her irl but maybe I'll have some stories, some of the mythology  of my father's side of the family. 


Table Top is baaaaaaaaaaack !!
Episode 17 : Alhambra
And this episode is just hilarious. And I need that game. *o*
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I hadn't been waiting that much for an anime since Code Geass... I really really like Sekai Itchi Hatsukoi. It's so cute. I love the characters so much. And yes, it's a bit silly... but I'm a sucker for romance anyway.

I should probably go to sleep right now and keep the episode for tomorrow morning. But it's only 20 minutes long and yes I'm exhausted and almost falling asleep (once again) on the keyboard but I don't want to wait.

Oh well.


Speeking of animated series... South Park was deliciously vile this week. I knew I should't watch it and eat at the same time. The HumancentIpad was horribly disgusting, and yet, I was laughing like a crazy person during most of it. And Cartman... God I love that asshole. His lines were the best. They often are.


I'm not going to be sensible. I'm going to watch SIH. Parce que je le vaux bien. XD
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En ce moment, je suis en plein dans une période pleine de Matthew Macfadyen ce qui fait toujours plaisir. Sérieux, il était le mois dernier dans Criminal Justice (saison2, en plus y'avait deux de mes actrices brit préférées Zoe Telford & Sophie Okonedo) sur canal+ que j'avais jamais eu le temps de voir, ce mois-ci ils l'ont dans Pillars of the Earth (que je vois enfin! *o*, canal, c'est le bien) et puis j'ai commencé Any Human Heart (qui déchire bien aussi). Putaaain, j'adore ce mec.

Hier soir, j'étais tellement canée, je me suis endormie avant onze heures. Si c'est pas pathétique. Du coup, ce matin, à 5h, j'étais debout. J'ai lu un peu (j'ai craqué, j'ai commencé Waking the Witch... Savannaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!) avant de regarder le girl powa du samedi matin.

Ca glisse en ville un truc de ouf. J'étais au centre ville ce matin, pour aller à la patinoire, pour prendre le pain et faire un tour en mairie. Tout est blanc et on se tient un peu aux murs en avançant. Et ça doit tomber encore cet aprèm. Et on a pas de sel. Ca va être sport. Surtout qu'on organise un goûter pour les momes. J'vais pouvoir prendre de jolies photos, ce sera déjà ça^^

Bon j'y retourne dans une heure. Rien que d'y penser j'ai froid.
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I don't like myself very much right now.
I'm weak. I let myself being used by assholes. And I can't stay angry with people who totally deserves it. I'm too nice. I was never too nice before.

At least the NaNoWriMo is beginning in less than a month. I'll be a ML again this year, but I won't be working alone. Lady Isa ([personal profile] isabelle_lila) will be MLing with me. We talked a bit after lunch but I really really need to call her on Monday, so we can make plans. For now, I'll just say the new stickers are awesome !

I think I drank something like 2L of tea today. And listen to that song a hundredth time. At least. And sung it when I was bored from waiting for people to sign this useless petition.

And I know the lyrics are horrible and the music not very good... But I've got this horrible crush on Blair (especially with Chuck). Who was I kidding when I swear I wouldn't watch teen shows anymore ? Nobody probably.
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I just read some spoilers on the 8th season of Spooks and guess what, I'm very happy I did !

Because... )


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