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I didn't read much this month. I think I'm a little disappointed with myself. The books I managed to read were amazing though. I would be hard-pressed to tell which one was my favorite. 
Among Others was a bookworm's dream (I need to read Zelazny again, Corwin, Random, Merlin, Luke if I had the time, I would go back to your adventures and family drama right now), Cold Days is proof The Dresden Files series keeps getting better and better (and that I love love love Harry's relationship with his brother), Old Man's War was captivating (and sad - Jane - and scary - the disposable bodies) and Prince of Thorns had the craziest anti-hero ever (and it began with murders, rapes and pillaging... all done by the "hero" and his brotherhood of bastards). 

Cold Days
Forever Prince of Thorns Old Man's War Among Others The Vanishing Point
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This month, I need to read at least :
  • Outlander (Gabaldon) : I should already have finished it. I'm late. It's not even that I'm not into it. I just don't manage to take the time :/
  • Ayn Rand and the world she made (Heller) : I've already begun this one. 
  • Naked in Death (JD Robb) : this month's pick from Vaginal Fantasy. 
  • Bridge of Birds: A Novel of an Ancient China That Never Was (Hughart) : this month's pick from Sword & Laser.
  • Kafka sur le rivage (Murakami) : from the library. 
  • Acharnement (Larnaudie) : from the library also. I need to read more in French. 
  • one of the last : either Thirteen the last of the Women of the Otherworld (Armstrong) or the last book by Sara Douglass, The Devil's Diadem... I want to read both but I don't want it to be over. :/


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